On which platforms can Rygo be downloaded?

We have mobile applications available on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). We also have a web application which can be accessed via mobile phones and desktops allowing us to cover 100% of smart devices.

Do my passengers have to pay for the app?

Absolutely not! The app is licensed and funded by transport operators. We don't advertise in-app and it's free to download.

How much does it cost to put my vehicles in the app?

Our pricing is split up into three tiers; small, medium and large. The tier an operator falls into is defined by how many services it runs. Licenses can be paid for monthly or annually. Please get in touch via the contact page for a full quote!

Does it work with my equipment?

Rygo works with a wide range of electronic ticket machines, sat navs... all the way up to Wi-Fi units! If we haven't worked with the manufacturer of your GPS equipment, our supplier relationship team can establish new connections and get data feeds in place very quickly!

I don't have any GPS equipment but want to use Rygo

We're partnered with many GPS suppliers and can quickly arrange and integrate new devices for your operation. In some cases we may help to subsidise the cost depending on the value of your contract with us.

Can Rygo tracking be embedded into our website?

Yes! We can even build you a new, clean, modern website designed & built around your routes, timetables and tracking.

Where do the route maps and timetables come from?

For scheduling and routing for buses and coaches in the UK we source our data from Traveline Open Data. We work with many other data sources, too, as well as having our own map builder for bespoke routes.

How long does it take to integrate my vehicles into Rygo?

Typically around 14 days, but this is mostly dependent on the supplier of the GPS data. We've turned around some contracts in less than a week, others have taken a bit longer.

How many companies are using Rygo?

Currently we're working with around 30 transport operators/institutions. We are on track to be working with 50 companies by the end of 2018, and 250 companies by the end of 2019.

How does the app work?

Download it for yourself by searching Rygo on your phone's app store! You can reach out via our contact page for further information.