Keeping passengers
in the know

RYGO utilises GPS technology onboard vehicles to provide passengers with a tool that takes the stress out of catching the bus.

Happy customers are
good for business
We work with what
you've already got
The best, simplest
bus tracking app

How does our app
benefit your operation?


Win contracts

Include RYGO alongside your bid for new contracts and get the edge over your competition.


Added value

Show your customers that you're an innovative company embracing new cutting edge technologies.


Less calls

Reduce queries from passengers by showing them where vehicles are, freeing up your staff.

How does our app
benefit your passengers?


Happier passengers

Customer satisfaction is good for business! Passengers are reassured seeing a bus is on the way.


Increased footfall

RYGO makes it easier to catch the bus, meaning more passengers are likely to get onboard.


Better reviews

Research shows that by providing passengers with RYGO, they are more likely to recommend a service.

The App

It's effortless for passengers to get started.

Download the app, select operators & relevant services.

See all routes & vehicles in a clean, intuitive interface.


Timetables, fares, route maps and tracking.

All-in-one bespoke branded operator websites.

Web updates are synced with the RYGO app.